Krk Tour

Full-day excursion

The mosaics of Roman baths, the early Croatian chapels and Glagolitic monuments, as well as the paintings of Venetian masters, all carry the traces of the island of Krk’s richhistory.

Our first destination is Punat, known for the production of top-quality olive oil and for one of the largest Adriatic marinas.

We will take a boat ride to the islet of Košljun, inhabited since the Roman times. It has been a home to the Franciscans since the 12th century, and its monastery museums are one of Croatia’s major cultural symbols.

Our journey will then take us towards Vrbnik, a village on a 50 m high cliff, surrounded by the sea on one side, and by the Vrbnik Field of grapevine on the other. Homemade prosciutto and cheese are a must, but you will also get the opportunity to taste one of Croatia’s best and most famous wines - Vrbnička Žlahtina!

Finally, we will pay a visit to the town of Krk, and take a tour of its numerous sites witnessing the ancient times. As we walk its streets, we will see the town walls dating back from the Illyrian times, the Frankopan Castle from the 12th century, and the Krk Cathedral – the most significant legacy of the ancient times that was erected upon the remnants of the Roman baths from the 1st/2nd century and gained its today’s appearance in the 18th century.

Price: 44 € (325 kn) per person
*Children 0 – 1,99 years old free of charge; 2 – 11,99 years old 50% off

Transfer, guided tour, boat ride to Košljun, museum entrance fee and wine tasting included in the price

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