Baška cooking is an extremely sensuous experience that definitely won’t leave anyone unmoved. In fact, it will bewitch you. The ancient Romans said that the pinnacle of sensual experiences is a good meal.If you decide to try our culinary specialities, you will learn that this proverb is extremely close to the truth. Indeed, it is believed that this ancient Roman proverb was formed in our region. There are thirty restaurants and taverns in Baskawhich offer a rich variety of food. Everybody can find pleasure for their palate in this variety of offer , fromMediterranean food , traditional Baska cuisine up to various international dishes. Typical Baška food offer includes seafood dishes: squid, shrimp and various sea fish, lamb and šurlice, a special kind of pasta traditionally produced on theisland of Krk and this sort of pasta is usually served with lamb stew. Any of these dishes will be perfectly matched with quality vine offer. The island of Krk and Baška are well known for Žlahtina vines, especially the Golden žlahtina.

Enjoy your food!

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