The town of Baska is very proud of its long history and culture. There are many historical and sacral buildings, palaces and monuments which make it one of the most interesting places in Primorje.

Some of the examples of this cultural treasure are the ancient citadel, the remains of the Roman village as well as the sacral cultural monuments. A must-to mention is the parish church of Holy Trinity which was built in baroque style in 1723. It has seven altars, one of which is dedicated to Holy Trinity. There is also the church of St. John the Baptist, the first parish church in the Baska valley, dating from the 11th century with the oldest church bell in its belfry, dating from 1431. People named this church bell - Starac (the Old man). One should also mention the Church of Our Lady Gorička which is the greatest Marian shrine in the Krk diocese.
There are a few smaller churches with the most famous one being the Church of St... Lucy in Jurandvor. Very important monument of the Croatian literacy, the Baska Tablet, was found here. It made this place recognised and famous.
Baska Tablet is one of the greatest cultural monuments in Croatia being the foundation of the tradition and culture of this valley. Due to it, everybody in Croatia knows about Baška.

The importance of Baska Tablet is huge and multiple.It is the first written monument of the Croatian people in which Croatian name as well as the name of the Croatian ruler are mentioned in Croatian language. The Baska Glagolitic track is a track decorated with stone sculptures stretching from Treskavac mountain pass to the old boardwalk in the Baška port. The track doesn't have a straight line, sculptures are situated near important cultural, historical and natural spots. It consists of 34 sculptures inscribed with the Glagolitic letters. Four of them are of larger dimensions and they are work of the sculptor Ljubo De Karina. The others are smaller and they are result of sculpture workshops which take place in Baška. To this series of sculptures one more was added, the 35th, a sculpture dedicated to the Glagolitic alphabet and the people who were spreading it in this area and wider.

An important element in preserving the culture of Baska is the Folklore society Šoto which presents dances and customs of the region during the summer months. Tourists can really admire our folklore tradition, national costumes, dances and our interesting original national instrument, sopile.

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