Baska has the characteristics of Mediterranean climate, characterized by a pleasant spring, hot and dry summers, mild autumn and windy winters. During the winter time there is bura, cold wind blowing from the north, in the summer there is maestral, (mistral) , while summer and autumn are characterised by jugo, a warm, humid wind .

Baska has 2500 hours of sunshine annually. The average air temperature is 22 º C and the average sea temperature is 25 º C. The mild cimate and the fertile soil are good for groving a great variety of crops and herbs.

Climate is related to Baska's position opposite to Senj, a town on the coast known for its strong wind( bura) . In January , Baška has fifteen days of bura and even several months throughout the year. The strong wind, bura, that may be unpleasant when you find yourself under its attack, together with the strong waves has shaped those beautiful pebbles which cover two kilometers long beach. The most beautiful months of the year are July and September. July is the warmest with the nicest stabile weather while September is milder and one can enjoy swimming and sunbathing till the end of this month.

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